Thursday, February 05, 2009

Free "Dumpster Drop" Available

If you represent a neighborhood group or other organization, you can apply to have Louisville's Public Works Department drop off and pick up a large dumpster for storm debris removal. I would urge you to utilize this service if you can, and apply to use it even if you aren't sure if you qualify. It is certainly worth trying. The city isn't really promoting the service that heavily. Public Works seems to be offering it so officials can claim they did something to help. Here's more:

For a limited time, Metro Public Works is offering a free dumpster service to those who qualify. If your organization, neighborhood group or association or small city, for instance, would like to apply to have a storm debris dumpster delivered and picked up from your area, use the form below. Dumpsters are available on a first come, first served basis. Dumpsters will be left for up to three days.

Click HERE for the application, and please let us know if you use this service or if you get turned down.

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