Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Derby, Man....

During my youth, my best friend and I based our annual activity calendar on Kentucky Derby Day. Derby was the start of our outdoor party season. "Derby", as a word, also had an alternate meaning for us. "Derby" was an excuse, or rather an urge, to do something ridiculous. In the middle of September while camping in Butler County, Kentucky, someone had the bright idea to drink moonshine and go fishing in the middle of the night. While at first resisting, we relented after someone said, "It's Derby, man!". Regretful, yes, but true nonetheless.

Soon the Derby will be upon us once again, and with it, all that is good about being in Kentucky during the month of May. The Kentucky Derby Festival is cranking up the hype machine now. Tickets for Kentucky Derby Festival events can be purchased at their main office on 1001 South Third Street. Tickets for the Pegasus Parade and Wine Fest can be purchased online HERE. Get your seats now for the Great Steamboat Race, Thunder, and Pegasus Parade. Tickets for the AT&T Fashion Show, They’re Off Luncheon, Running Wild Pasta Dinner, and Wine Fest can also be purchased at the office. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm daily.

Thanks to The Local Weekly for the info. Buy some tickets. Get out of the house. Do something ridiculous. It's Derby, man.

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