Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eye Will Pay In April For 'Shrooms Sold Tuesday

I don't know how I missed this item in Thursday's news, but a member of my exclusive and trusted "Advisory Board" brought it to my attention today. Joshua Eye, a 30 year old administrative assistant for the Louisville Metro Council, was arrested last Tuesday after he allegedly sold an undercover narcotics agent $600 worth of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Eye was busted in Mount Washington by the Bullitt County Drug Force.

The Courier-Journal says Eye did not work for a particular council member, and has been employed by the city for just over a year. He is currently under suspension pending the outcome of his court case.

There has been no determination of a link between the irrational behavior at city hall and this guy peddling his wares, but I have feelers out just in case. Some of the proposals coming out of the mayor's office certainly seem to have been written while under the influence of something. More when I get it.

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