Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hicks House Update for Sunday, May 10

I received a few more factual details in an email about the home of Dr. Hicks, located at 8601 Dixie Highway in Southwest Louisville. People in the community have taken a remarkable interest in the home, and I am extremely happy to report the following to you, my faithful readers:

The house was the home of Dr. Hicks, who had an office and practice at 28th & Madison Street. He and his wife are buried in Louisville Memorial Gardens West. Hicks was born in 1883, and died in 1960. His wife's name was Albennie, born 1887, and died in 1972.

The land on Dixie consisted of 116 acres on the hillside and over the hill, and 50 acres across Dixie at the old Westland Mall shopping center site. There was a house where the Dairy Queen now sits, and was occupied by part of the family.

There was also another house north of the main house on the hillside across from where the Taco Bell sits that was also family. The house was burned by the PRP Fire Dept. during a training drill in the 1970's at the request of the family after sitting empty for years.

My wife's parents lived with and worked for the Hicks in the white house in the late 1930's. My wife's sister was born in the white house in 1939,and her brother worked on the farm and put up fencing around some of the land. Her mother cleaned the office and the white house.

There are two Hicks sons: Stanley and John Jr.

Again, thank you to all who have submitted information on the home and surrounding property. These are stunning details regarding a place about which little was known by area residents. Collecting the facts, stories and memories of the home have been a rewarding experience like no other for me. I encourage you to keep sending in those tips, and if something like this in your neighborhood grabs your attention, please check it out and let me know. It is certain that there are other mysteries like this to investigate. Who knows what you might uncover?

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  1. So if the house dates to 1920's, was it part of the Waverly Sanatorium land at one point or associated with it at all during its time? I thought Waverly was built out there at the time because there was nothing else out that way and the TB could be contained??

  2. very interesting, thanks for sharing :)

  3. I lived at the house during the early 2000's. I moved to Florida in 2002 from that house. The old man at the time... I forget his name though, was a good man. I am pretty sure it was John. He told me a story that the Dr. Used to keep a boat out in front of the white house.. When the valley would flood, he would be at the ready with his boat. I lived in the lower left section, the main front porch was the ebtra b ceremony to the foyer. My door was to the left of the main center stair case. My Apartment was the entire left side and rear middle Se to on of the main structure. A very important part of my life was spent in that house with great friends. It needs to be perserved!!!