Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mayor Vetoes Local Worker Ordinance

The labor ordinance that would have put more local residents to work on government-financed construction projects was vetoed by the mayor yesterday. He and his GLI acolytes spun the issue as one of high, unrealistic wages and other phony, nonsense arguments. The ordinance was less about wages than where the wage earners come from. Everyone can see that.

Everyone can also see that since the mayor receives a portion of his income from GLI, it makes sense that he would follow the wishes of the Chamber of Commerce rather than the will of the citizens. The mayor wants you to forget that fact. The mayor wants to tell you that your wages are too high. This veto action has only insured that we will continue to have high local unemployment while out-of-town workers reap the benefits of government-financed construction in Louisville. These are your tax dollars going into the pockets of out-of-state corporations with out-of-state workers.

So, Mayor Abramson, keep drawing that big check from GLI while you can. We know where your allegiance lies.


  1. A failure of commitment to Louisville’s workforce and families who call Louisville home.

  2. Its all about how Jerry Abramson and his handlers get their piece of the economic pie while Louisville families and workers get the boot with unemployment, low wages, and a future imperiled with poverty.