Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday News & Nuttiness

- The repulsive ogre that is State Senate President David Williams has "predicted" the slots bill will fail. I don't know what Williams has against the Commonwealth's signature industry but he obviously has a problem with seeing it prosper along side slot machines. The Courier-Journal has more HERE.

- Speaking of horses, there's some big-time night racing happening tonight. Go be a part of history. And be sure to buy a few $6 cups of warm beer. HERE's more.

- A judge has ordered JCPS to turn over a portion of the files related to the school system's "investigation" of the Max Gilpin matter to the commonwealth attorney's office. This is good news. HERE is the article.

- This is an interesting story: A Louisville woman was arrested on meth charges after she allegedly attempted to buy, among other items, 3000 boxes of matches at a local Kroger store. WHAS11 has a short report HERE.

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  1. The best solution is to ban all gambling, alcohol, and tobbaco. That will eliminate enough jobs to make Ky a 3rd world country. Then we can get massive aid from the Feds. Then a select few warlords can fight over the spoils while the rank and file starve. That should suit Mr Williams just fine.( As long as he gets to be a Warlord.) T.S.Keith