Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hawkins Panders While Southwest Suffers

Words cannot properly describe my frustration when it comes to this nonsense. Check this out:
Doug Hawkins "interviews" Pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church regarding the upcoming Open Carry Celebration:


  1. After watching this video I must say the Coucilman will never make it in broadcast journalism. With all due respect to the Pastor, my prayers for your Church and its mission, but it is my hope this event fails.

  2. As unusual as this seems, I'm glad that this has happened. Anti gun groups are so ready to disarm the country without those who are responsible owners being given fair consideration. These people are NOT the ones we need to worry about. These are the people that this country may have to depend on in the event that we as a nation may need to defend ourselves from either a foreign or domestic foe. Banning weapons from private citizens will not keep them away from criminals. R Muench Valley Station

  3. For those who remember the political environment prior to the election of JFK our first Catholic President, the rampant fear that America would be ruled by Rome. Fear and uncertainty once again rules, this time it is concern about jobs, home, food on the table.

    Fear of losing the right to bear arms, I just don't see it happening!

  4. If this is such nonsense, why do you give this guy FREE exposure?

    IGNORE him and he will go away!