Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Political Roundup

- Marty Meyer, the Democratic candidate for State Senate in Kentucky's 38th District, has raised an impressive $31,500 for his upcoming race against long-time incumbent Dan Seum according to his quarterly report filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. It is becoming clear that this will be a race for those of us in Southwest Louisville to watch closely, as Seum has never faced such a qualified and well-funded opponent.

- 25th District Metro Council candidate David Yates officially kicked off his campaign this Saturday with a well-attended and tightly organized fund raiser. It was a huge success for the young and talented Yates, who is seeking his first political office. Residents of the district can expect a strong challenge to the silly partisan rhetoric that currently passes for leadership in the 25th.

- Food For Thought: Governor Steve Beshear was a partner at the law firm of Stites & Harbison. That law firm was recently retained by the Cordish Co., the company that has refused to explain where all the city money ($950,000) went when Cordish remodeled a bowling alley at 4th Street Live. Mayor Abramson, who is said to be a lock for Lt. Governor along side Beshear, has accepted Cordish's explanation of the shady deal. Connect the dots. I'm just saying.....

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