Tuesday, February 02, 2010

General Assembly Gets Weird, Wastes Time

Rather than deal with a massive budget deficit, revamping an outdated tax system, attracting new high-paying jobs to the state or allowing people to gamble as they see fit, Kentucky's General Assembly seems content to while away the days passing ridiculous and unnecessary measures which do nothing for the average citizen of this once-great Commonwealth. To Wit: Today, the dolts in the House passed legislation that creates an "In God We Trust" license plate. Here's a snippet from the CJ article:

In 2008 the religious group Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana sought permission from the state Transportation Cabinet to create a specialty plate that would have cost $34 to purchase.

Those who bought the plate could then have volunteered to contribute $10 more to the group.

The Transportation Cabinet rejected that request, saying that the group promotes a “specific faith or religious position.”

So, instead of a private "group" promoting a religious position, we have an entire government doing it.

In other General Assembly idiocy, a House panel has approved a measure that would ban texting while driving.  Driving while distracted is a dangerous proposition, but here are many questions with this bill and how it will be enforced.  The bill allows you to make a phone call while driving.  How can a police officer tell the difference between someone placing a call or texting?  Why are police officers exempt?  Can you be pulled over for an alleged violation?

HERE is an article about a study on texting-while-driving bans.  They do not work.

The time has come to seriously consider term limits and a return to biennial sessions for the State Legislature The legislature clearly has lost the will to deal with any of the major problems facing the Commonwealth, choosing instead to focus on folly. When we impose term limits and only allow them to meet every other year, they have less of an opportunity to take up time-wasters like these. What say ye?

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