Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Local Biz's Get Gov't Loans - None in Southwest

From a metro government release:

Six businesses, including a new retail store in St. Matthews and downtown high-rise office tower, have received small-business loans this month from Louisville Metro Government.

The low-interest loans, totaling $392,500, will create new jobs and help expand the city’s economy, Mayor Jerry Abramson said.

The loans, approved this morning by the Louisville Metropolitan Business Development Corporation, are:

· $25,000 to Two Dazzle, a new retail store that will sell gifts, home accessories and seasonal decor. The shop, to open at 3819 Willis Avenue in St. Matthews, is owned by Ronda Simmons and Kimberly Marshall.

· $7,500 to Comfy Cow, an ice cream and desert store in Westport Village. The loan will help the shop, owned by Roy and Tim Koons-McGee purchase outdoor furniture that will double the store’s seating capacity.

· $100,000 to D & W Silks, a longtime Louisville company that will open a retail shop at 2306 Frankfort Avenue, in Crescent Hill. The loan will help the company purchase the building.

· $60,000 to Gilman’s Point, a commercial property being renovated at 220 Ridgeway Ave. The money will allow owners Theodore Mitzlaff and Stephen Smith to rehab the property, including adding accessible restrooms and improve the building’s facade.

· $100,000 to Atteberry Smith, a start-up cabinet and window business that will operate at Gilman’s Point, 220 Ridgeway Ave. The company is owned by Theodore Mitzlaff and Stephen Smith.

· $100,000 loan to Hertz Starks Building LLC, which owns the hi-rise office tower at 4th and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. The loan will assist in improving the building fa├žade.

Of these six businesses, three are in St. Matthews. One is downtown.

Question: Are SW businesses simply not applying for these loans? Or are they being overlooked? If your SW business has applied for a METCO loan and been denied, I'd like to speak with you. Soon.


  1. To answer your question regarding no loans in Southwest Louisville. There hasn't been any loans submitted for the board to review from that area. The board doesn't pick and choose locations, each loan is reviewed as they are individually received. Please encourage anyone you know who is interested in helping to provide profit businesses in Southwest to take advantage of these opportunities.

  2. Does anyone know of any reason SW businesses are not submitting applications for these loans whereas downtown and Eastend businesses are?