Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Derby Week Update

- Details are emerging on a private citizen's efforts to stage a mayoral candidate forum at Valley High School on May 8. Valley Station resident Tim Childers is organizing the event and will be moderating the discussion, which is being paid for in part by candidate Chris Thieneman. David Tandy, along with Thieneman and Shannon Corbin White are confirmed guests as of this writing.

CORRECTION: It was stated above that Chris Thieneman was paying for part of the fees incurred by Mr. Childers in order to have the forum. This appears to be incorrect. Mr. Childers has simply asked all candidates if they would like to make a donation toward the cost of the function. The total comes to $168.00, payable to the Jefferson County Board of Education. The Valley Report regrets the error. -- BT

- Via The Local Weekly: Construction has stopped at Riverview Park (Greenwood Boat Dock) due to changes in the original plans. It seems restrooms were added to the plan after the bidding process and no permit was obtained for said restrooms. Construction will resume after the permit process has been completed.

- Have a safe and happy Derby week. It is what we live for around here.

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