Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss

Louisvillians said to suffer from "Abramson Fatigue" elect Fischer, Heiner; Get Fooled Again.

The majority of primary voters that bothered to show up at their polling places today made themselves clear: "More of the same, please." So much for that "voter anger" the media was peddling.  Here are the results for Mayor and Southwest Louisville council primaries. There will be additional analysis when the numbers by precinct are available.

- Hal Heiner and Greg Fischer are the two party's mayoral candidates for November.  Burrel Farnsley finished last. That means no bars open 24/7.  And an ocean of concrete poured downtown for a 23-lane superhighway. And a couple of bridges. And an Abramson clone in Greg "Ice, Ice, Baby" Fischer. Because that's what the old-money Louisville elites want. This should help put an end to all this talk about Louisville and that pesky "positive future" nonsense. Are you ready for four (4) more years? I hope so.

- John Brewer beat Ed Springston like a 10-cent hooker in the 28th District State House Republican Primary. I do not know John Brewer and I have never met him, but a man I spoke with this evening told me he thought John was "about as sharp as a sack of wet mice." Interesting.

- Robert Thrasher's message went over like a fart in church as Doug Hawkins whipped the good Doctor and will face David Yates in November for the 25th Metro Council District seat.

- Vicki Aubrey Welch turned back negative robo-calls and handbills from you-know-who as she beat Larry Roger Price like a gong in the 13th Metro Council District primary.

All Jefferson County results can be seen by clicking HERE, courtesy of the folks at the once-proud Courier Journal.

Thanks for making The Valley Report a part of your day.  The site has, over the last few weeks, registered some pretty hot stats for such a low-rent operation. How hot? Hotter than a three-peckered billy goat. It's so hot around here, I might have to invent an ice machine to cool it off.

Keep the faith, people.


  1. Brian, I do know John Brewer. He is not stupid. I disagree with his politics but, he is no dummy. Just htought I'd clear that up. Thanks, Tim Keith

  2. I want to make clear that I was just repeating something I thought was hilarious. It just happened to be at the expense of Brewer. Thanks for commenting on it. It's the first time I'd heard someone say something like that about him.