Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hits and (Mostly) Misses

- A Dollar General Store will open on the site of the former Salvation Army store on Dixie Highway.  The site will share the building with the recently-opened Valley Skate Zone. The store will be, by my count, the 14th Dollar General Store in South/Southwest Louisville, only 4 miles away from the location at E. Orell Road and Dixie Highway. I think that's more than enough, thank you.[The Local Weekly]

- The state will spend nearly $750,000 on new road projects in SW Louisville. Planned improvements include an access road at Farnsley-Moremen and a turning lane at St. Andrews Church Road. [CJ]

- There was a car accident early this morning that resulted in two fatalities on Grade Lane, just north of the Outer Loop. I rarely read the 'comments' posted on the Courier-Journal website but noticed there were nearly 40 of them for this particular news item, so I clicked. The callousness and insensitivity of the people that wrote the comments have hit a new low, and reflect a sense of hostility and carelessness with which I am not familiar. If this attitude reflects the popular opinion, then we are doomed as a society. Mostly, I chalk it up to a small group of unemployed tea-baggers with an axe to grind against the newspaper. But if I am wrong, both the paper and the good people in this community are to blame for not acting to resist this awful foolishness. [CJ]

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