Tuesday, July 27, 2010

News & Events

- The Auburndale Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a cookout today (Tuesday) at Kenwood Elementary School, 7420 Justan Ave. The cookout starts at 5:30. [CJ]

- Ground was broken for a new firehouse in the Beechmont neighborhood. The new station will cost $3.4 million. [WAVE3]

- A Camp Taylor firefighter is in the ICU after a home explosion in Fairdale. The homeowner had poured acetone, an extremely flammable solvent, all over his basement floor. [WHAS11]

- Dr. Sheldon Berman, Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools, is scheduled to speak with the SW Dream Team. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 12th at 5:30 in the evening at Mill Creek Elementary School. This is not the regular meeting of the Dream Team, but anyone is invited to come and talk to Dr. Berman. The August meeting of the Dream Team is scheduled for Monday August 16th at 5p.m. The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Southwest in Shively and will feature Congressman John Yarmuth.

- COMING SOON: An in-depth look at the race for the state's 37th Legislative District which is being vacated by Rep. Ron Weston. Democrat Jeff Donohue will face Republican Wade Hurt in November.


  1. I think they need to bring up some serious charges against the home owner..people need to start showing firefighters more respect...wonder how he would feel if they placed..wanton endangerment for each person that responded to the scene..make him pay for the injuries that the firefighter has to deal with...to the family of the firefighter...my prayers go out to you

  2. That makes alot of sense there Anon... If they start doing that, I believe I'll let my house burn to the ground if I have a fire, and maybe take my neighbors with it, to avoid going to jail.

  3. Putting out fires is what firefighters do. Slapping charges on idiots that cause them is even dumber than the individuals themselves.

    I agree, you might as well let the dump burn to the foundation to avoid going to jail!!!!!