Sunday, July 18, 2010

SW Political News Roundup

Here are some interesting developments and things to ponder as we approach what will surely be a crazed, whiskey-soaked election season:

- Teamsters Locals 89 and 783, UFCW Local 227 and JCTA have endorsed Republican candidate Brian Simpson in his bid against incumbent Larry Clark in the state's 46th House District.  Clark is rapidly losing labor support and is the subject of various "whisper campaigns" among union members. Influential and important people I have spoken with on the matter are taking great joy in watching Clark turn to wax as payback for years of what has been described as "back stabbing", "dirty-dealing" and "cork-screwing".

- Mayoral Candidate Hal Heiner speaks on bridge tolls:
“This afternoon the Louisville Southern Indiana Bridges Authority submitted a report to the regional planning agency with estimated tolls of $6 per trip. This would represent one of Louisville’s largest tax increases and I will not support this rate. While we realize this is a preliminary number, I urge the authority to work diligently to reduce this rate. If $6 per trip is the only way the authority can build 2 bridges, then I believe we need to reduce the scope of the project by breaking it into more manageable phases with the east end bridge being the first phase of a multi phase project. While I believe I-65 and Spaghetti Junction will ultimately have to be addressed, I find a $6 trip financially irresponsible and a burden Louisvillians will not accept.”
- Marty Meyer, candidate for the 38th District State Senate, has been busy raising big green dollars along with his campaign's profile by holding many summer events.  Neighborhood walks and phone banks are already underway, and the campaign's presence is now being felt throughout the district.  This, my friends, is how to win a race based on ideas.

- Impressive: The City of Shively has "$2 million in the bank". [CJ]

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  1. OK, I'm trying to get this. How can any union member,logically support a Republican? I am not now, nor have I ever been a union member. I am, however, a believer in the working man. Republicans are not. There platforms and actions say this clearly. They are about big business. So, can some articulate union member explain this? T.S. Keith