Thursday, September 30, 2010

District 12 coffee @ Sister Bean's hot new location!

Upon the arrival of fall and her gracious gift of cooler temperatures, Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell is issuing an invitation to residents of District 12 to come and talk about an idea or suggestion over a cup of coffee.

“I know many people are out and about on Saturday mornings in October with all kinds of activities,” says Blackwell. “So if you have a chance and want to talk with me about something please feel free to come by.”

The next District 12 Coffee with your Councilman is set for this October 2nd beginning at 10:00am. The event will take place at Sister Beans' new location at 5225 New Cut Road.

“I appreciate Sister Beans helping us out with these very informal meetings,” says Blackwell. “Please come out and see their new facility.”

For more information about the October “Coffee with your Councilman”, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112.


  1. Are you not having a conniption that CM Blackwell would host an event for his constituents outside District 12? Don’t you want to know why he can’t patronize businesses within his district? Oh wait, he’s a Democrat…sorry.

  2. I'll tell you what, you let me know when Doug Hawkins has a monthly event with his constituents (not a campaign event, stupid) INSIDE OR OUTSIDE his district. Oh wait, he's going to get beat....sorry.