Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women’s Health Fair in District 13 this Friday

Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch is sponsoring a Women’s Health Fair and Breast Cancer Screening on Friday, February 18th.

“We want to make sure women have the information they need to lead a healthier life,” says Welch. “These health fairs have gone a long way in the past to help women understand the risk of breast cancer and other diseases.”

The Women’s Health Fair will get under way at the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Church, 903 Fairdale Road. It will run from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

The event focuses on two key areas; breast cancer screening and general health information.

“We have a great group of working partners who have helped us get out information on not only breast cancer but blood pressure, diabetes and other lifestyle information for those who want to be healthier,” said Welch.

Women who would like to be involved in the breast cancer screenings with mammograms must meet the following qualifications:

* Program is for women age 40 & over

* No cost to program eligible women w/o insurance

* Insurance filed for women with coverage

The screenings are by appointment. Call Phyllis at 502-762-1410 to schedule an appointment.

Welch has also partnered with several groups to provide additional information at the health fair. They include; Norton Healthcare, Norton Cancer Institute, Passport Health Plan, Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness Department, Colon Cancer Prevention Project, Friends for Life Cancer Support, PACS Now (nutrition counseling), Lung Cancer Alliance, Hollern Chiropractic and Elderserve.

“My thanks to these groups and their willingness to help us make health care and prevention accessible to the people of District 13,” says Welch. “It is truly an important partnership.”

For more information about the Women’s health Fair, contact Councilwoman Welch’s office at 574-1113.

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