Monday, May 02, 2011

Derby Week starts off with BANG as bin Laden killed, buried at sea

- So it looks like Derby Week 2011 begins with the killing of the world's most hated bastard, Osama bin Laden, brought to you by the boys of Navy SEAL Team Six. I don't know about you, but I'm sure glad that shady, ruthless gang of experts is on our side. Let's hear it for government employees!

Don't you wish we could kick off like this every year? Hell, I'd even buy a Pegasus Pin from that other shady, ruthless gang of experts - Kentucky Derby Festival, Inc.

While some fear the killing of bin Laden might spur some sort of backlash, others are taking it in stride and I am one of them. The news is sure to clear away any lingering fear and doom left over from the torrential rains and set people in Louisville to Party Mode.

-  To encourage Louisville residents and Derby Eve revelers to plan ahead for a safe ride home, Miller Lite Free Rides™ is offering free bus and trolley service on Derby Eve in partnership with the Transit Authority of River City, Kentucky Derby Festival and River City Distributing. For the third consecutive year, free bus and trolley service will be provided Friday, May 6, from 6 p.m. until 1 a.m., courtesy of Miller Lite. Rides on all regularly scheduled TARC bus routes will be free, and a special free trolley service will run every 10 minutes until midnight on the Main-Market route, just south of Waterfront Park. Bus and trolley service will travel to popular Derby Eve destinations including restaurants, bars, neighborhood events and the Derby Eve concert presented by Miller Lite at Waterfront Park. For additional route and schedule information, visit, text "FREE RIDE" to 30364 or call 1-800-FREE RIDES (1-800-373-3743).

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