Friday, June 24, 2011

Information sought from District 21 residents on flooding

21st District Metro Councilman Dan Johnson's office is requesting information from residents on flooding in the wake of Wednesday's storms. Please reply with your answers to

Frightening weather Wednesday evening resulted in numerous incidents of street and basement flooding. We are gathering information on the flooding to determine the extent of the problem. Please reply to this email and answer the following questions.

Please include your address so we can track the problem locations.

1. Did your street flood June 22nd?

2. If your street flooded how deep was it?

3. Did your basement flood June 22nd?

4. If your basement flooded how deep was the water in your basement?

5. If your basement flooded, was it because of surface water running in a door or window?

6. If your basement flooded was it because of water seeping in through your foundation?

7. If your basement flooded was it because of a sewer backing-up?

8. Do you have a MSD installed back-flow prevention valve?

9. Do you have a “sewer back-up” rider on your homeowners insurance policy?

Your answers will help us evaluate the level of flooding in District 21. Thanks for your cooperation.

Ray Manley

Legislative Assistant District 21


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