Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Events, news and another flea market update

- You are needed at this Saturday's "Listening Session" – Tell Us What You Want for New Cut Road/Taylor Boulevard Corridor event. The event on July 23rd is an open listening session for the New Cut Road / Taylor Boulevard Corridor. The meeting is from 9AM to 12 Noon at St. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital's community room. This is a citizen-driven effort to hear from residents and get ideas, opinions, and help to determine how to best utilize and develop this key southwest area.

- Dixie Valley Flea Market saga continues: I spoke with David Puchi, Managing Partner at Baceline Investments LLC about the opening of the Vendors' Village in the former Kroger space. Mr. Puchi said he had read the commentary posted here on the Valley Report and at Insider Louisville and browsed the comments made by readers. Puchi assured me he understands our concerns. He also said, in no uncertain terms, that the flea market would not remain as a permanent, long-term tenant in the center and that he and his team were involved in "intense negotiations" over the deal.

We need no further evidence to see that citizen involvement works. Thank you to all who contributed to the discussion and especially those who took the time to contact the company. I'm hopefully optimistic that Baceline will follow through on it's word to bring in quality tenants. Perhaps someday soon we can say "we won a big one".

- Councilman David Yates (D-25) has secured funding for the Dixie Highway Corridor Plan. The new budget will include $52,000 to extend the Dixie Highway Corridor Plan through District 25, a $125,000 total project investment. Together with Districts 12 and 3, the purpose of the plan is to develop a unifying, but distinct character for the corridor while creating a safe and functioning roadway. In addition, the plan promotes the pedestrian environment, the strategic economic development goals through appropriate land use planning guidelines, access management, and environmental enhancements. This project establishes a sound, “complete streets” corridor to improve and unify the overall character of the corridor.

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  1. I hate to say this because it might sound badly. Truth be told is that the lower income families are moving further south down dixie toward PRP from North Dixie. Section 8 housing is needed and understandable (and right across the street from my home which I would not mind if every single tenant would not move out in two months and leave the place looking like a bomb went off) however, with the removal of several housing projects over the last few years it has forced the former occupants to move where they can afford to live which happens to be SW Lou. In 15-20 years if things dont change this area will look exactly like Dixie once you pass Algonquin.. No it isnt racial. It is income and culture so dont pull that card. It would'nt matter if people are green, yellow or orange (I am green) since the only issue at stake here is people that are moving to this area need to have some respect for their property and their neighbors.

    I was so hopefull when Circuit City closed that it would become a Best Buy or Frys Electronics (best buy needs some competition in the area) or one would be built at the old Valley Shopping Center where yet another ugly flea market has opened.

    What I am seeing is the county government tearing down all these old housing projects and moving everyone in them out this way. Not a thing we can or should do. This can not be won without making people look like racists because you can bet that is what would happen. No one is responsible for the plight of the poor other than the poor. I used to be very poor, lived behind Southland Terrace in the projects and rose above all that via motivation and self education with everything against me and not a dime. There is nothing special about me so there isnt an excuse for this. I thought the County government was supposed to distribute the dislocated people from the old projects around the metro in a pattern of equal distribution with the point being crime reduction. Crime happens more often when you have a large area that is poor. I know I lived in one. Instead it appears someone out East aint having it. How many section 8 properties are there in Shelbyville Rd and its surround neighborhoods when compared to Dixie.