Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest SW news updates and info: End of July edition

- From Councilwoman Vicki Welch: This Tuesday, July 26th, we are having our Treasure Finders Outreach event for District 13 at the Playtorium from 1 to 5 pm. I and my staff, along with neighborhood volunteers will be making calls to tell people about unclaimed property and money they have a right to claim from our State Treasury. We encourage you stop by at your convenience to see if your name is on the unclaimed property list, or perhaps help make a few calls. Click to see an informative video on our D-13 Treasure Finder’s event. 

- There has been a fantastic response to the latest news about the Vendors' Village flea market that is set to occupy the vacant Kroger store in the Dixie Valley Center. Baceline Investments LLC, the owner of Dixie Valley, has declared the flea market "will not remain" in the center. Click here to read it in depth on Insider Louisville.

- The 15th District PTA Clothing Assistance Program Back to School Blitz is taking place this week (July 25-29). Appointments are required to pick up free uniforms and other clothing items from the program warehouse (located at 319 South 15th Street near Central Football Stadium). Appointments are made through your school’s Family Youth Resource Service Center. Call 485-7062 for details. The PTA helped 7000 children last school year through this volunteer program, which will help 400 families a day with free uniforms and other clothing items.

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