Friday, July 08, 2011

UPDATE: Dixie Valley Center owners respond to flea market critics

Following my article on Dixie Valley Shopping Center's new owners and the development's latest flea market tenant, south end resident and Valley Report reader Aaron Dutton did something great and decided to contact Baceline Investments, LLC to register his displeasure.

I don't know if you are the right person to email about this sort of thing, or if it will even matter. As stated in the subject line, I am writing in regards to the Vendor's Village that is moving into the Dixie Valley shopping center. According to a Business First article, Baceline Investments planned an aggressive revitalization that was designed to attract top tenants to the shopping center, and all we got was another junk store. I am not entirely opposed to junk stores but the southend of Louisville, KY is littered with them along with a number of other businesses that are a blight to our neighborhoods. And I would hardly call a flea market a TOP tenant. I am wondering since Baceline took over the property, that you guys might have some say as to who can take up shop. Or maybe you don't, I'm not sure. I guess this is not your problem but Vendor's Village is another example of the economic and cultural wasteland that is the southend of Louisville, KY. I am hoping that quality businesses will express an interest in leasing space at Dixie Valley, but with the arrival of this junk store, the prospects look grim. Thank you for your time.


Aaron Dutton

I would like to personally recognize Aaron's effort. It pleases and relieves me to know there are still people that care about the future of our area and that this man took the time to state his opinion.

The company replied to Mr. Dutton. They seem to leave the impression that it is the Kroger Company, not Baceline, that leased the space to the flea market. Here is their "excited" response:

Good Morning Aaron,

The tenant you are referring to is actually a sub-tenant of an existing tenant. Baceline Investments is quite excited to be a part of the community and is very committed to revitalizing Dixie Valley Shopping Center. Our leasing group is continually working with many different retail chains and reaching out to those companies we feel would represent what the demographic area is looking for in a shopping center.

We appreciate the fact that you took time to read about our entry into the Louisville area and our intentions for the Dixie Valley Shopping Center. As stated, we are very excited to have the opportunity to revitalize this shopping center and our team looks forward to bringing shoppers the businesses they enjoy visiting.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Melissa A. Wilson
Baceline Investments, LLC
720.382.2955 | direct

This story is still developing. More when I get it. And thanks for reading The Valley Report.


  1. Go Aaron Dutton! Okay, now, I have some issues...
    First, the existing tenant would have needed to obtained Baseline's permission to lease to the sub-tenant.

    Secondly, Baseline's website reveals its mission "to generate competitive returns using a combination of local expertise and centralized oversight to increase income and add value to our properties." They don't have "feelings" as indicated by their reply.

    Finally, Baseline is misleading their investors as much as they're attempting to mislead us. In March, David Puchi,the principal at Baseline, justified the purchase of Dixie Valley with this little dandy:
    “We continue to see great opportunity in vibrant communities, many near centers of higher education like Louisville, Austin, and South Bend."(

    No respect to the JCTC Southwest Campus, but if Puchi cared only about acquiring properties in "vibrant" communities, why would he allow a tenant that would contribute to the community's demise?

  2. See, you were all down about the apathy! Valley Report lives!!!!