Thursday, October 27, 2011

Annual 3rd Division Block Watch Captains meeting, Nov. 3

From Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14):

Officer Todd Brimm recently transferred to the 3rd Division working as a patrol supervisor. He will be organizing a contact list of block watch leaders as he has done elsewhere in the city. The division is building an email distribution list, which allows officers to send residents information about suspects, crime trends, localized maps and other real-time crime information. Brimm says working with block watches is an easy way to “build strong areas of influence where residents are involved” which he said requires less city resources because officers are alerted by residents. Brimm says it requires more officers to patrol areas where residents don’t communicate with police. Residents in many south and southwestern neighborhoods have been able to build rapport with division officers, some of whom have given their cell phone number so they can be reached anytime.

Block watch members from Iroquois, Fairdale, and Pleasure Ridge Park and Valley Station areas along with those interested in starting block watches in their area are invited to the Metro Police 3rd Division’s first block watch captain’s meeting at 6:30pm, November 3rd at Southwest Government Center.
Block Watch Captains and Neighborhood Association Presidents, please RSVP with Sergeant Todd Brimm at

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