Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Valley Station pimped by dollar stores- residents flee

The latest edition of Councilman Bob Henderson's email newsletter arrived a few days ago and attached was an interesting story about economic development in the 14th District:

There will be an informational meeting on December 14th at 1pm concerning the property at 13313 Dixie Hwy (north east corner of Dixie and Pendleton Road) for a possible Family Dollar Store at that site. The meeting will be held at 514 West Liberty Street in downtown Louisville.

Case #16208

Let's talk about it.

What do you think about this development? Is it the right thing for SW Louisville? Is it the best we can get? Do you think it is a good thing? Is any business a good business? Is our area over-served by dollar stores?

The facts are clear. The area is already saturated with dollar stores, from the Dollar Tree to Dollar General and now Family Dollar.

But what I want to know is what YOU think of this new situation.

Blast away.....


  1. Tell Henderson to let them build it on his property and quit taking payoffs! !!!!!!

  2. Are you kidding me? That's just what we need. and Bob Henderson is all talk and no action. Economic development in this area is on nobody's radar. Only getting their name heard. Not saying he and others haven't done some good but I remember when he was running, he talked of getting things done! Still waiting...........

  3. How about a decent restaurant down here? Nothing against the Family Dollar but it would be nice to have a decent retail store come to this area. Our councilman needs to work on that! Oh, I forgot he's retiring. Or is he? Let's hope so!

  4. what kind of 'good' restaurant is gonna come here now???? nothing but a bunch of flea markets and dollar stores, i'd stay away if i was Olive Garden too!! who wants to open next to all that lowlife crap?

  5. It doesn't matter to me whoever the councilman is, this store is an awful thing. I guess maybe we are just a bunch of hillbillies and rednecks out here. Just like they say out in the East End. all we do is shop at these junk stores and have nothing nice, no sit down restaurants or good stores. I'm old enough to remember the good places to shop like Ben Snyder's, Evans Furniture and Bacon's Department Store. We had places where you could buy a dress and eat a decent meal. Those days are gone, just like the gentlemen who would open doors for ladies and not curse up a storm in public. The South End used to be a good working class place to raise a family where people cared about their house and the lawn, but now looks like they just park cars anywhere they please and throw trash into the streets. It is a real shame. I guess we should have seen this coming. I don't have much doubt this newest Family Dollar will be busy, most of them are. But if you keep on taking any old cheap thing they give you, you won't be getting anything. Sorry to go on so long but I am getting more and more ashamed to say I live in Valley Station! Why don't folks want any better than this?

  6. I am old enough to remember all the above stores that you mentioned. My husband still opens the door for me and would not dare curse me in public or any place else for that matter. We still are a working class people & I care about my home & my lawn. I get compliments on mine all the time. I don't really want a Family Dollar out here but the large corporate companies only see the large homes & credit cards out in the east end. Most of our homes are paid off & we carry a small (if any) credit card debt. We use cash to pay for the purchases we make. The good old fashioned way! We don't feel the need to keep up with the Jones by putting ourselves in debt up to our ears! Sorry to hear that you are ashamed to say you live in Valley Station but if you feel that way maybe you should take out a huge mortgage & move to the east end & charge all your credit cards to the max so you can furnish your house with all the extravagant extras that you will struggle to pay every month! Signed, A Proud Valley Station Homeowner.

  7. Even though I don't live in Kentucky anymore, I still care about what happens in the southend of Louisville. This is just sad. What in the world needs to happen to change the Southends trajectory? What can the people do to lure better businesses? I don't have a problem with these kinds of stores but when is enough, enough?

  8. I too can remember most of the stores mentioned above. And I agree it is becoming more and more embarrassing to live here in the SW. I have lived here my entire life -and love it here- but I’m tired of these crappy junk stores. I don’t mind one here or there but not one on every corner.

    It's even more tiresome reading some of the comments of owners of these junk stores who post here and on other websites who care only about their “business” and don’t give a damn about the neighborhoods and the residents that surrounds them.

    Their opinions are not appreciated by this commenter.

    Btw: I have voted for Bob Henderson in every election in which he has ran, but Mr. Henderson needs to get off his ars and do something about this problem…pronto!

    And I don’t want to hear how this is an economic problem, not a political problem so there is nothing he can do.

    That is BS.

    He is also a community leader and needs to act like one or maybe we need to find someone else that will.

  9. When an individual makes a proud comment. This paperwork came through "MY" office, and "I" approved it. brings the stories I'd heard about the "Metro "council. if a council person doesn't want something in their district. it don't happen. from that statement it sounds true.

  10. Bob, If you really want to end your tenure on a half good note, push for a grocery store out this way (Value-mart, Sav-a-Mart) so my 78 year old mother who still drives and is actively employed can continue to be active but closer to home. We need more access to stores out this way to assist those that have lived here longer than you. Did you forget those voters? My father retired in this part of town because a lot of Retired Military lived here. He was proud to be from Valley Station, The Village was his home. All five of us graduated from Valley. Do the right thing for once. The Stover family is just one family out of many that want what is best for Valley Station and that means past the Gene Snyder toward Fort Knox.

  11. Personally, Mr. Henderson is and has passed his point of being useful to the citizens of Valley Station. I have personally witnessed his "political face" on many occasions whether it is at the "liars table" at resturants or out at functions regarding businesses in the area. I have heard him state during the rezoning meetings that "You aren't taking my only viable business in MY district" (speaking of Mike Linnigs), are you kidding me??? The only viable business? What about all the other mom and pops, meduim size businesses and other resturants that are viable? I have watched from an observers position on how he speaks to others when he thinks it is beneficial to him. I have also seen on MANY occasions the reactions of others when he walks off. They scoff, laugh and shake thier heads and then have conversations about how much they dislike him and his "so called politics". Enough is enough.

    I have seen this man talk in several places where he doesn't direct his speach to the person he should be speaking too. He turns to the crowd to see who notices who in the group is looking at HIM and not the issue at hand. I am sure at some point he may have done some good for Metro Louisville as a whole, but that hasn't happened as of late.

    I am not stupid by no means. I know that you cannot make everyone happy no matter where your heart is or how hard you try, but gees? When do you just say, "Thanks for the years, it's been a good run!" and let younger, fresher eyes step up and try to make change? Bob... your done.

    I have met and have observed a few people that want to run for the 14th's seat and I can honestly say I have only seen one or two who have a somewhat logical vision for our area. I am not saying they are perfect by any means, but who of us is? We just needs someone willing to take the "sows ear" and turn it into a purse with the COMMUNITIES productive help. Valley Station is a wonderful area to raise kids and if you budget yourself, it's affordable, but we need positive change.

    In closing... here is my opinion of the latest in the Valley Station politics. Bob, thanks... but time to hang up your hat. You have reached your expiration date. Citizens of Valley Station, enough is enough. Stop complaining, pull up your boot straps and let's get to work. If you don't have anything productive to say for example ideas, plans or the time to roll up your sleeves.... just hush! You are stopping the growth we need to make this a BETTER community.

    Thanks Brian for being part of the productive group!

    Now let's get to work!

  12. The area seems saturated with flea markets and dollar stores. I'm sure Family Dollar conducted some market research and as another commenter posted, it will probably be busy (as they all seem to be). Really would be nice to have some variety and even "destination" retail businesses here in the Valley. I have no solutions, though, as I imagine a micro-brewery probably wouldn't make it here...