Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Revised dumping ordinance allows confiscation of vehicles

Louisville Metro Council is sending a strong message to anyone illegally dumping in Metro Louisville. If caught, you not only face a fine, but impoundment of your vehicle for up to twelve months.

The Council on Thursday unanimously approved the new section to the illegal dumping ordinance.

“I want to thank the Council for their strong show of support,” said Councilwoman Marianne Butler (D-15), the primary sponsor of the ordinance. “We now have another tool at our disposal to make it very costly for anyone who decides to use an alley, side street, vacant property or empty field as their own personal dumping ground.”

The legislation allows for LMPD Officers, Code Enforcement Officers and any other city officials authorized to enforce any provision of the Louisville Metro Code the ability to enforce the additional section of the Code. Prior to releasing any vehicle that has been impounded, all outstanding citations, towing, handling and storage charges shall be paid in full.

During the review of the new law, Council members saw how easily hidden cameras used by Metro Public Works in certain areas clearly show illegal dumping and the vehicles involved.

“We feel strongly that this new law will put a dent in the illegal dumping problem. At a minimum, it might make someone think twice before dumping debris,” says Butler.

The measure will take effect once it is signed by the Mayor.

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