Sunday, February 05, 2012

Rumor patrol: Ashby Lane apartments "upscale", not "Section 8"

Not a housing project.
There are rumors flying around the southwest about the housing development beginning to take shape near the Greenbelt Highway on Ashby Lane, and I think it is appropriate to address the issue to eliminate any confusion as to what is happening.

Ashby Green Apartment Homes are now under construction at 7401 Ashby Lane. The complex is owned by W.M. Bullitt, LLC.

Ashby Green is not "Section 8" or "low-income" housing nor is it a replacement for Iroquois Homes. It is not owned or being built by the government as a "housing project".

Floor plans and examples of units that will be available are online at the company's website,

The developers of Ashby Green welcome your questions and comments and have made their contact information available on the website.

So now you know.


  1. Thanks for clearing this up, i've heard all of the things you mention and did'nt know what to believe. Looks nice I just hope whoever gets in there keeps it nice!!!! We could use more of that out here and maybe some shopping to keep it here too.

  2. Whether a market rate housing complex being built is a "Section 8" place or not would not be an issue if Louisville would just follow the lead of Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, at least 7 states, and innumerable other towns, and require ALL housing complexes in the city to accept Section 8 vouchers. The whole point of Section 8 program when it was created was to stop warehousing people in Project-type housing where they would be isolated from the community as a whole. On that note, it's a shame that the phrase "Section 8" scares people so much. There is a lot of hysteria, and not a lot of real facts and figures to demonstrate that Section 8 neighbors are worse than anyone else. More often, when someone in a low income neighborhood has a bad neighbor, they merely ASSUME that that neighbor is on Section 8. --Rich Stenberg

  3. Ok on the subject of Sec 8, rentals, and so forth. When I first moved in this neighborhood 17 years ago it was a nice place to live. With the rise in sec 8 moving in the area has gone to shit.You can ride throught he neighborhood and tell which homes are sec 8 and im not guessing I have actually called and found out for sure. No one works they sit on the porches all day work on broken down cars in the YARD..Drug selling and dealing going on in broad daylight I have complained and complained and nothing happens. 10 people living in the house when 4 are on the lease. The crime has skyrocketed since these homes have moved in. I have a security system but my shed was open the other night but we dont keep anything in there for this reason. My neighbors have been burglarized 3 times in 6 months. Air conditioners tvs cars copper you name it and they have took it. I dont feel this is a coincidence. Never ever had this trouble before. Can i ask why these homes that no one works and the police are ALWAYS there? Oh and why do their dogs not have to be on leashes and can crap in my yard, all 4 of the dogs...Again nothing happens when I call the pound.

  4. Michelle,

    I think we all are facing an uptick in crime rates here in the sw.

    My two cents here, but I think you and your neighbors should organize and start a block watch; when you start a block watch you can inform the police what is going on in your neighborhood, hold the police accountable, and let them know how you feel at the meetings.

    In return, the police inform you -in detail- what is going on in your neighborhood and give you tips on how you can reduce crime on your street.

    Also, maybe if enough people complain they will assign a few more officers to this end of town to deal with some of these problems that we all seem to face.

    Hope it works out for you. Good luck!

  5. lol man the southwest has done gone to shit I've been living here for 24 yrs and there's a huge diffrrence from what it use to be coming from the greenwood rd area