Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bush-League Buffoonery on Butchertown Blog

The Butchertown Neighborhood Association started a blog a few days ago, and I posted a link on the left sidebar under "Links" for your enjoyment. It is a nice site and should be useful to the residents there. I commented on their site and welcomed them to the blog world, wishing them success and praising them for their commitment to their neighborhood.

Today, four days later, there was a confused and out of place response by Diana Newton, staff assistant for Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins, posted on the Butchertown site. Besides being quite obnoxious to the folks in Butchertown by injecting her rancid brand of politics to an otherwise neutral organization, she was also very insulting to me personally.

To wit:
DianaNewtonSW14 said...I trust that you will INCLUDE those in the Butchertown community that have vigilantly fought FOR the area for years and have received nothing but scorn from the Abramson administration for doing so.

On a related note,
the posting above from Brian Tucker is a perfect example of someone who is carrying Abramson's water. And Tucker is a political hack! He is not anyone's role model.

Mrs. Newton, I know you have visited my site before, and I know you and others in your office have done so on the city's time. Perhaps someone should suggest cutting your position in city government if all you have to do during your day is to surf the web and leave nasty comments on blogs. It looks like the city could use the extra $9360.

Anyway, I hope the folks in Butchertown are not offended by this lack of decency, and I want them as well as everyone else to know that "Crazy Lady Newton" does not speak for Southwest Louisville residents in any way, shape or form. And we apologize for her buffoonery.


  1. On Nov. 11, 2008 you impugned Diana Newton implying that she failed to file an IRS report that your feeble little brain could not locate online,

    And now you're astonished that someone (whom you believe to be her) has taken a shot at you over at another blog?

    Tucker ... whatever drugs you're on for that broken leg has definitely affected your brain functions.

    SCAN and Diana Newton are solely responsible for STOPPING TRAILER PARKS in the Southwest. Through her SCAN group, she rallied the SW neighborhoods to appear at many, many planning and zoning meetings to persuade those in charge to STOP doing Trailer Parks in SW Jefferson County.
    She succeeded 100%!
    And this was without any 501-c-3 tax-expempt status!

    Tucker, you were a mere snot-nosed teenager all the while this was happening.

    Now you are a snot-nosed 26 year old who falsely believes that you're "the" spokeperson for the southwest. Sorry pal, but you are just another johnny-come-lately and will soon fizzle out like all the others self-anointed demigods.

    But someone I know challenged me to post this on your blog knowing full well that you will remove it as soon as you can because, while you can certainly dish out the shots, you aren't able to take any.

    That's actually what I like about you ... you are so predictable!

    I certainly hope that all of your anti-Hawkins rhetoric means that you are thinking about a run in 2010.
    If so, I am gonna have a blast!
    You are SOOOOOOO EASY!

  2. Why doesn't Nutty Newton come here herself? I've got a few questions for her anyway.

    I know who you are and who you talk to. You are a loser. Go back and tell your buddies they've been used!

    Thanks for the ISP number, and thanks for the fun. It's about to get a whole hell of a lot more interesting around here.

  3. This is for you, Mrs. Newton:

    Don't be so full of hate because you twice failed so miserably when you ran for the District 14 Council seat. And because you bombed spectacularly in running the now-defunct Southwest Community Association of Neighborhoods (SCAN). By the way, where are those IRS 990 reports for your 501(c)3 organization? I'll call the IRS Monday to see if they have yet received the reports required by law. I'm interested in taking a look at them. Or you can just contact me via email with the information. Because you know you are required to give it to me. Just drop me an email. You know where to look.

  4. Failure to File Penalties
    Against the Organization

    Under section 6652(c)(1)(A), a penalty of $20 a day, not to exceed the smaller of $10,000 or 5% of the gross receipts of the organization for the year, may be charged when a return is filed late, unless the organization can show that the late filing was due to reasonable cause. Organizations with annual gross receipts exceeding $1 million are subject to a penalty of $100 for each day the failure continues (with a maximum penalty with respect to any one return of $50,000). The penalty begins on the due date for filing the Form 990 or Form 990-EZ.

    Use of a paid preparer does not relieve the organization of its responsibility to file a complete and accurate return.
    Incomplete return. The penalty may also be charged if the organization files an incomplete return. To avoid having to supply missing information later, be sure to complete all applicable line items; answer “Yes,” “No,” or “N/A” (not applicable) to each question on the return; make an entry (including a zero when appropriate) on all total lines; and enter “None” or “N/A” if an entire part does not apply.

    Incorrect information. This penalty may be imposed if the organization's return contains incorrect information. For example, an organization that reports contributions net of related fundraising expenses may be subject to this penalty.

    Against Responsible Person(s)

    If the organization does not file a complete return or does not furnish correct information, the IRS will send the organization a letter that includes a fixed time to fulfill these requirements. After that period expires, the person failing to comply will be charged a penalty of $10 a day. The maximum penalty on all persons for failures with respect to any one return shall not exceed $5,000 (section 6652(c)(1)(B)(ii)).

    Any person who does not comply with the public inspection requirements, as discussed in General Instruction M, will be assessed a penalty of $20 for each day that inspection was not permitted, up to a maximum of $10,000 for each return. The penalties for failure to comply with the public inspection requirements for applications is the same as those for annual returns, except that the $10,000 limitation does not apply (sections 6652(c)(1)(C) and (D)). Any person who willfully fails to comply with the public inspection requirements for annual returns or exemption applications will be subject to an additional penalty of $5,000 (section 6685).

    There are also penalties (fines and imprisonment) for willfully not filing returns and for filing fraudulent returns and statements with the IRS (sections 7203, 7206, and 7207). States may impose additional penalties for failure to meet their separate filing requirements. See also the discussion of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, under General Instruction D.

  5. This jackass REAL PROGRESSIVE is one of Ed Springstons thugs who is one of Diana Newtons boys who is one of Doug Hawkins girls who is on Chris Thienemans team. All these bums work together and they ruin our image out here.Its to bad because we could get some stuff done and clean up our image here but we got these dumbasses making us look like IDIOTS!!!!!!!! If you were smart you would get away from Ed the retard he’s screrwing you bad anyways. I hope the irs comes and locks all them crooks up. You guys wanna mess with somebody come on down to the VALLEY VILLAGE.

  6. Brian,

    Keep up the good work. One does not need to be Sherlock Holmes to know who posts such garbage as the poster above did. They call themselves a real progressive, when in fact, they couldn't couldn't form a pimple on a real progressive's ass.

    These people, when confronted with the truth, know no other recourse than to whip out the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Northup/Et Al book on name-calling and mud-slinging. I for one would welcome the demise of this group of people. The Southwest does not need them.

    I know numerous people who live in some of the shacks that the Thienemans have built, or should I say their cheap foreign labor has built. Way to support the local economy jackasses.

    The people of the Southwest have your back Brian.