Friday, November 28, 2008

Southwest Beautification Project Wrap-Up

This is the last in the series of five places in Southwest Louisville that need beautification. They are in no particular order, and there are many more to come. The next series of five will begin in the coming weeks. Until then, take a look at the latest submission and browse through the set below:

This area is just south of Dixie Highway behind Walgreen's at Valley Station Road...the site of the old H&S Hardware Store. There is an empty parcel of land connected to the store that extends to Valley Station Road. You can see the old H&S sign in the vacant lot, and the run-down condition of the building, now occupied by a flea market/peddler's mall. The parking lot looks like it was 'carpet bombed'. We can do so much better then this.

Past Beautification Project Ideas:
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  1. Christopher MellonsFebruary 15, 2009 at 7:13 AM

    This is truly humiliating. I hear a lot of people complain that we have no good clothing stores down here. Why not try to lure J.C. Penny to the spot. It is so visible and I am confident they would do good business. People are tired of having to go all the way to Jefferson Mall (or further) to buy clothes. And the yellow guard rail at the ugly ditch out by the highway has go to go to.

    I'll tell you another eye sorer--the corner of Ashby Lane and Dixie. There is a little gas station there (I hear it's shutting down) and there are light poles that look like they have to be from the 1960s. I've lived here my whole life and I have never seen these lights on. They are old, crooked, and truly ugly. Maybe we could get somebody to remove them. Across from that, someone should lean on Georgia Carpet store to clean up their lot. And Jessie's family restaurant, while they have great food, is plain dangerous. There is no barrier along the large ditch. If someone isn't careful they could go right into the ditch! And half of their parking lot is just gravel (that gravel again!).