Saturday, November 15, 2008

Southwest Beautification - Project Idea #3

Here is a view of Dixie Highway between the intersections of Pages Lane and Johnsontown Road, looking south. The trees and other growth around the tracks hide speed limit and bus stop signs. A few years ago, all the growth was ripped out and trees were trimmed. It gave a clean appearance, but still lacked something that made it pleasing to look at.

The object would not be to hide the railroad tracks, but to find a way to incorporate them in a plan that makes this area more appealing to the eye and more accessible to pedestrians or bus riders. Walking down this side of Dixie is highly unrecommended.

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  1. Christopher MellonsFebruary 15, 2009 at 7:03 AM

    I heard several years ago of a plan to put benches and plant nice trees along Dixie Highway. Haven't heard anymore about it. What we need to do is get all those power lines buried. Dixie Highway could be such a beautiful drive but for all the telephone poles which people use to post their crap, and all the wires going every which way along the street. It is time Bob Henderson and a group of citizens demanded something be done. In the same vicinity of this picture there is an old, old sign that reads "Jesus Loves You." I would be interested in its age and preserving it, as it is quickly falling into disrepair.