Monday, November 10, 2008

Stop The Surge of Sewage TONIGHT!

In the 1970's, residents of Southwestern Jefferson County saw the arrival of a coal-fired power plant. Ever since, the area has become a favorite dumping ground for local government. In the late 1980's and 1990's, locals had to organize to stop hazardous waste incineration in Kosmosdale and put a stop to the relocation of slaughterhouses to the neighborhood, among other issues. Now the people are being called upon again to defend their community against a surge of raw sewage from Eastern Louisville.

Tonight at 6pm, at the Southwest Metro Government Center on Dixie Highway, MSD officials will be on hand to discuss their short-sighted and disastrous plan to convert a waste water treatment plant in Jeffersontown into a pumping station and build a 40 mile pipeline to send raw sewage to Southwest Louisville's treatment facility. This policy must not be allowed to become reality.

MSD's plan is expensive, and we will be expected to pay for it while Executive Director Bud Schardein collects his $175,000 salary. In 2006, Schardein said "We have four or five alternatives to accomplish this..."

From 2000 to 2003, MSD invested $600,000 of your green dollars on noise and odor abatement in the Jeffersontown treatment facility. You may view the improvements HERE.

It is our responsibility to see that MSD exercises fair judgment, and chooses one of the many alternate plans in order to build an efficient infrastructure that serves all parts of Metro Louisville, rather than relying on Southwest Louisville to, once again, shoulder the burden.

By using nearly all the excess capacity at the Southwest treatment plant, MSD is stifling future growth for us, while opening up new development on the East side.

Bring a neighbor or a friend, and I'll see you there at 6pm.

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