Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warning Siren at Kenwood Elementary Still Destroyed

After the September 14 windstorm, not only were trees and homes left heavily damaged, the wind also destroyed the Emergency Warning Siren at Kenwood Elementary School. A map of the locations of sirens throughout the city can be seen HERE.

The siren warns residents outdoors at the time of severe weather, train derailments and chemical spills. The rail line running parallel to Old Third Street Road poses a similar threat, as evidenced by the train derailment in Bullitt County not so long ago. Some dead heads in city government are now saying there are no plans to replace the siren at its existing location but to move it further north. If this move happens, the Iroquois area will be left vulnerable.

If the Kenwood siren is not replaced, it will leave a gaping hole in coverage for the Iroquois Community.

Call or email Councilman Doug Hawkins today, and ask him to get busy on a real public safety issue. He can be reached at 574-1125 or by clicking HERE.

Update, 1:10pm: Scott Harrington from the office of Doug Hawkins just called. They are in a meeting with Emergency Management right now over the siren issue.

Update, 5:40pm: I was planning on hearing back from Mr. Harrington, but as of now I have not. More tomorrow.

Update, 11/13/2008, 2:04pm: I never heard back from Scott Harrington, the Legislative Assistant in Doug Hawkins' office. I emailed him this morning and reminded him I was waiting on the results of the meeting with Emergency Management. I guess the media wasn't interested, thus this result. Chalk up another Hawkins failure.

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