Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Century of Resistance

In February 1908, in a now-defunct newspaper named the Kentucky Irish American published an article titled "Oppose the Hospital". In the article, it was revealed that the site had been chosen for the county's new tuberculosis hospital. People in the area and on the paper's staff were not thrilled that it was to be located in - tada- Southwestern Louisville.

Here is the article:

Oppose the Hospital
The residents of this county in the
neighborhood of Valley Station have
entered a protest against the erection
of the Tuberculosis Hospital on
the proposed site. A tract of 127
acres has been purchased and work
on the hospital was about to begin.
Steps are now about to be taken to
secure an injunction to prevent its

We all know what the result of that effort was. Thanks to the Library of Congress, you can read the article and see the context in which it was printed by clicking HERE.

The residents in this area have withstood 100 years of projects that were unwanted in the backyards of other communities. We have won some and lost some. This is a time in history to which we have an obligation to finally fight "for" improvements instead of "against" bad projects that no one else wants. Take this message to the mayor at 6:30pm Monday, November 17th at Pleasure Ridge Park High School. Make it a positive argument for positive change in Southwest Louisville.

Don't be a uninformed reactionary. Know your facts, and demand good development now!

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