Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hunter S. Thompson, Fellow Louisvillian

I see many of those grand photos plastered on buildings about the city. Harland Sanders, Diane Sawyer, Muhammad Ali. I always wonder who is in charge of these things. I want to recommend to the person or persons responsible for developing and installing these murals to develop one featuring Louisville's own, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. It is a fitting tribute to our native son, and world-wide celebrity. It will surely take money and influence at a level of which I do not possess.

I see an economic boost to the city. Forget Aspen, CO. Invite the tourists here, with open arms. Set up tours of his boyhood haunts. Have lectures and writing symposiums and conferences. His status is legendary around the world, even today. Is Louisville a first-class city or what? Do we not care enough about one of the most influential American writers of a generation? Especially one of our own? Our unwillingness to do this is becoming conspicuous. I think it is past the time someone work on this idea. If anyone knows any way to get the ball rolling, please let me know.

Who knows? Maybe all the visitors will go to Center City for a cocktail.

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