Monday, November 03, 2008

Circus Skips Town, Leaves Clowns Behind

Doug Hawkins just put out yet another email on the tired, tired subject of the "bomb storage facility", and this time he is "Setting the Record Straight" by blaming Rick Blackwell. You see, Doug can't make friends or gain influence on the Council because his combative style annoys everyone, so he must blame others for his constant, disasterous failures.

It is obvious today that the Hawkins-Witten bund is turning to wax, as they rely on circus-style campaign tactics instead of issues. You can't blame them, really. They never had any ideas, relying instead on fear and ignorance of the issues, and mainly hoping that voters wouldn't ask for much during this election.

Voters are asking for leadership, vision and results. Hawkins/Witten cannot provide these. Only goofy emails and overblown hype, headline-chasing and reactionary buffoonery. These two clowns, through these past actions, have made us the laughingstock of the metro area. Remember what type of campaigns Doug and Dwight ran, and hold them accountable.

UPDATE: 11/03/2008 - 2:10PM

Doug has sent yet another email on "bomb-storage", this time claiming that he has helped to draft a State Senate Resolution with Dan Seum to prohibit this action. His constituents in the 25th District of Louisville Metro remain unimpressed, still looking for signs of life in his office. Wish us luck.....

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