Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It Is Over

With only a few exceptions, I feel like we did pretty good tonight in Louisville. Yarmuth buried Northup, which was very satisfying to me. A friend of mine saw Northup today on the back of a trolley, waving. No one was waving back. She said it was like Northup on a train heading out of town.

But at least "That One" is now "The One".

Kentucky is still stuck with Mitch, and Boswell got beat by a guy that thinks $7.73 an hour is a good wage. We have a lot of work to do. Have a look at what my buddy Jim @ the Hillbilly Report has to say about it HERE.

Congratulations to Perry Clark and Rick Blackwell. Both of these guys ran clean campaigns while under constant attack from inept and unethical competitors. Residents in the 14th Metro District got Bob Henderson back, for good or ill. Henderson had better use this term wisely, because if a strong Democrat ever emerges in the 14th, he's done.

The judicial races were good, except for that silly Katie King thing. I will never be able to understand why or how that happened.

A new day starts tomorrow, and we have much to discuss. I'll be digging in on the Mayor's new tax on charitable organizations or any other groups looking to host events in the city that may involve a street closure, and I'll take a critical look at who gets the exemptions (yes, there are exemptions). Until then, good night.

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