Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mayor's New Tax Has Exemptions

Mayor Jerry Abramson's new tax on groups wishing to hold events like marathons, bike races or any other event that may involve a street closure unfairly excludes all Kentucky Derby Festival events. This new tax is supposed to cover police overtime and expenses that are all ready being paid for by your tax dollars. It seems the Mayor thinks that you should pay a "fee" (tax) if a cop has to show up and close a street for your organization, unless you are the Kentucky Derby Festival.

I think this is a bad idea.

The mayor wants a first-class city with events held downtown, but he wants your group to pay the tab for the police.

I'm interested in your views on this matter, and what we can do to solve it.


  1. I personally think that instead of taxing the citizens and community more, I think its time to cut spending in the upper reaches of government. If you read the CJs list of public employee salaries you would find that so many of them make so much more than the average joe out here yet do little if not less work.

    This town is about two things, how to pay low wages and how to tax people into oblivion. Its no wonder why our local economy is crap and people are losing jobs and losing their futures at the same time. So much for progressive thinking policies to keep jobs here, create strong organizations, and promote those who are competent.

    That and they should tax Doug Hawkins more for breathing because a blowhard such as that takes up air that could be used for more useful things

  2. I think it's a shame to start charging groups like this that use these types of events for fundraising. One of the things that makes this city so unique is the amount of quality events that go on almost every weekend. YOu don't find that every city that's for sure. I moved here about 10 years ago and was amazed at how many neat things there were to do.

    I must say that I disagree with your observation regarding the Derby events. From what I understand (I do alot of reading in my spare time!) the difference between some of these 1 or 2 events per year organizations and the Derby group is that they have an enourmous economic impact and it offsets or even excedes the cost that the city spends in overtime. I was amazed when I moved here that they could do so many free events and was a little perturbed because I thought all of my taxes were paying the bill. Boy was I wrong. They are a private company and on top of it are a not-for-profit! From what I can gather from their website (it's a little hard to navigate) it's paid for by the little derby pins each year and sponsorship + they give a ton back to other organizations and civic groups.

    I think this city needs to determine if it wants to continue being an event friendly town or if it wants to go by way of some others that make it harder and harder to do these types of things.