Friday, November 07, 2008

Sun Valley Community Center Upgrades

Excerpt from the Courier-Journal:

The center, at 6505 Bethany Lane, is undergoing a $350,000 internal renovation officials said could make it even more popular.

The renovations began several weeks ago and will include new offices, a fitness room and new restrooms.

Dana Delepierre, the center's director, said the handicapped-accessible restrooms probably will be the most noticeable change for center users, many of whom are seniors.

"They haven't been upgraded since the 1950s," she said. "We're really excited about things."

Renovations are expected to be completed by the first of the year.

Metro Parks spokesman Jon Reiter said the center -- which was constructed as a country club in 1952 -- has seen improvements to its pool, outdoor restrooms and roof over the past several years.

Given the popularity of the center and its programs, Reiter said he expects the interior improvements to be welcomed.

"They do a very good job out there," Reiter said of the center's staff. "We're trying hard to give the residents something out there to be proud of, because they use it."

Sun Valley's web page detailing programs and events can be viewed HERE.

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