Friday, November 07, 2008

Do Not Forget: MSD Meeting on Monday!

MSD's plan to pump raw sewage from Jeffersontown to Valley Station is nearing reality, but we can let them know that enough is enough. We can stop this plan and insure future growth for all of Louisville. There are alternatives. Please go to the meeting Monday night and voice your opinion. HERE is the official public notice.

Monday, November 10th
6:00 PM
Southwest Government Center
7219 Dixie Hwy.

We have a real opportunity to change the Southwest for the better with this issue. We should let it be known that this is the last time we will withstand "proposals" like these that decrease home and property values and stifles growth in Southwest Louisville while promoting it elsewhere. When we demand better, we will get it. Learn as much about this issue as you can.

We need to urge MSD to invest in infrastructure in all parts of Louisville, thereby improving the quality of life for all parts of Louisville.

WHAS-11's Mark Hebert has an exclusive report on the corruption at MSD. View it HERE.

And check out this link for more:
Louisville News and Politics: MSD Wastewater Plan

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  1. What is sad is how little investigative work Hebert actually did on MSD. This type of theft is common throughout much of Louisville's agencies.

    With MSD having so many problems this is just a pebble in a sea of rocks.

    Want more? Check this out:

    Let's not forget good old Councilman Bob Henderson and his illegal dirt. federal testimony by him in the Sarah Lynn Cunningham whistleblower suit against MSD, a case she won, backs it.