Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Case for Transparency

Do you want to know where your money goes when it leaves your paycheck and goes into the dark, black, bottomless hole of Louisville Metro Government? Are you at all curious as to why the Louisville Metro Council seems as though it has relatively no power when it comes to the city's budget priorities? Do you mutter to yourself, how did we get ourselves into this $20 million dollar mess? If so, you will be pleased to know that a bipartisan bill has been crafted tentatively titled the "Metro Louisville Budget Transparency Act". The legislation is set to be introduced soon in the Kentucky Legislature. HERE is a link to the text.

Supported by labor groups and taxpayers like you and I, this bill will insure all of the city's budget and spending information is completely open to the public, not just vague "summaries" and innuendo. Louisville bloggers began the "Open the Books" movement late last year, and it has finally come to this.

WAVE3 has the story HERE. For further study and discussion on the subject, see the facebook group and the Louisville History & Issues forum.

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