Sunday, November 30, 2008

Citizens to Mayor: Open the Books

I, as a blogger on Louisville issues, am hereby calling on Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson to open the city's accounting books to the citizens for public scrutiny, so that we may offer our own ideas for how to deal with the budget shortfall. We, as tax-paying residents of Louisville, have an interest in this matter and we demand local government make public the financial records of Louisville Metro so that we may offer our suggestions to the Mayor and Metro Council on layoffs, cuts and spending priorities.

Since the Courier-Journal will not make this request on behalf of the citizens, several Louisville bloggers are uniting to get the word out and take it to the streets. I am happy to contribute to this cause. If any of you would like to join us in calling for complete disclosure of the financial records, please let me know and I will be pleased to help you. This is not a partisan issue and thus we are welcoming all Louisville area bloggers.

You may visit these fine local sites for information. I will add more links as they become available. If you are a blogger and agree to promote this issue, let me know and I'll link up to your site below. Thank you. The city's '08-'09 budget can be seen HERE.


  1. I definately agree! Especially as a citizen of an area that is consistently "left out", we have a right to know what is going on.

  2. Count me in! The state is setting up a web site with this information that is supposed to be made available to the public in January. No reason all our cities and towns can't do the same thing.

    If you are on Facebook, please check out "Where in the World is Kentucky's checkbook?"

    Nice job!

  3. An outstanding suggestion. There's simply something wrong with Abramson's budget proposals. How can he demand paycuts and threaten to cut services while pouring millions into his downtown pet projects? It's like offering ice to the passengers of the Titanic!

    Paul Hosse
    Editor/Publisher of Another Opinion
    Louisville, Kentucky

  4. I have added a similar post to the Frankfort State Journal about saving state taxpayer dollars.

    Kudos for what you are doing.

  5. Bloggers Want Look At City Finances
    10:01 AM Mon, Dec 01, 2008 |Permalink
    Mark Hebert

    A group of political bloggers want Metro govenment to open up its financial records so they can get a look at them. The bloggers think they may have some ideas on how to solve the budget crisis.