Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Southwest Dream Team Update; MSD Hearing Tonight; Open the Books!

Today I will be meeting with the Historical Committee of the Southwest Dream Team. We will be visiting the Louisville Photo Archives to gather materials for a long-overdue book on the history of Southwest Louisville. It looks to be an exciting afternoon, as I always enjoy spending time with the members of this group.

  • - The next meeting of the Southwest Dream Team is Monday, December 9. The meeting is to be held at the Southwest Government Center and starts at 5:30pm. Try to make it if you can. It is a worthwhile cause.
  • - And do not forget that our MSD public hearing is this evening! Everything you need to know about the MSD hearing can be found HERE. Register now to speak if you have not already done so. Your comments will be entered into the official record.
  • - The city's unions have a great idea on how to deal with the budget shortfall. They have demanded the mayor "open the books". HERE is the story in today's Courier-Journal.
  • - Keep sending those emails! I appreciate those who have taken the time to write. Again, all emails are strictly confidential.

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