Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Valley High School Gun Incident "Uncommon"

Yesterday when I heard about the story about a 15 year old kid from Valley High School being caught with a gun, I figured the South End hater-brigade would rise up. After reading the Courier-Journal article and the offensive comments left by some of the readers, I felt like I should find out more. So I did.

Earlier today I called the school and spoke with Assistant Principal Dennis Williams, who reiterated that this was an uncommon occurrence. "I have been here for 22 years.. ", Williams said "...and there was only one other time.." something like this happened.

Despite what people may think about Valley High School and the 880 students there, the facts show it is no more violent or susceptible to violence than any other high school in Louisville. And there are some good things happening there. College programs, college test preparation and other academic highlights are on display daily at the school. Valley is training the next generation of business and civic leaders....879 students who should not be judged by the actions of 1.

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