Monday, December 01, 2008

Mayor Abramson to Announce Service Cuts @ 10:30am

Rather than release all the necessary accounting information and take input from citizens on the budget matter, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson will announce hasty service cuts this morning at 10:30am.

You can watch the announcement live at the bottom of this post, courtesy of the Courier-Journal.

It is unfortunate that the city is unwilling to listen to the residents' suggestions on the matter. There is a way to avoid these service cuts that I believe will hurt West and Southwest Louisville the most. There are literally millions of dollars in the Metro budget that are being spent on unnecessary executive director positions, deputy mayor spots, spokespersons, aides, unaccounted-for "supplies", surplus city vehicles and absurdities like undercover Animal Services agents and badly timed downtown development projects. Abramson has not yet trimmed his staff or eliminated perks for his top people, yet is willing to cut services for Louisvillians so badly affected by the economic downturn. This deficit is a city management problem and so far, city management has failed residents.

If the mayor had led by example, there may have been room for compromise on raises for city employees and made layoffs a viable option. Instead, we get more of the same failed policies: cuts to libraries and cuts to parks, all while Abramson keeps his army of staff. Please make your voice heard. Call Metro-Call at 311, voice your opposition and demand financial transparency for Metro Louisville.

You can read Metro Government's Press Release on service cuts HERE.


  1. So the solution, according to the mayor, is to close a pool, library and community center one day a week, close Otter Creek Park, and stop paving roads.

    The savings on the pool alone could be surpassed by laying off JUST ONE of his spokespersons.

  2. We may hear more this week on cuts. They may include some of the things we have been discussing such as Executive Directors and spokespersons.

  3. It is amazing. The combined bloated salaried of the 29 people in his office comes to $1,832,580.00. I would say there is a bit of excess in his office when his personal errand boy and spokesweanie Chad Carlton is making $105,570.00 a year (just under $250 less than the mayor's own salary. All you see him do is make a snide comment once a week to the news and this is what we are paying 1000k for????

  4. Same old tired, failed Abramson rhetoric. As pointed out, the cuts always affect the people of the city with no accountability from the ones who consistently get the city into these debacles. There are more economically feasible projects that this city needs to be focused on. How about retrofitting city buildings with solar power and other renewable energy sources? This would eventually lead to cost savings and help reduce the local air pollution. Makes more sense than granite street curbs. Replace lighting fixtures with LED technology.
    Also, it is time for the citizens of this city to start holding the local media outlets accountable. They are very complicit in all of this mess. The local press needs to go back and understand why the first amendment exists and what the purpose of a free press is. The local blogs are the key to giving the citizens back their rightful power of holding government accountable. I thank Brian and the other local bloggers for taking up the torch and leading the charge for change. Keep up the good work!!
    If there are any local officials or members of the news media lurking on this blog, be afraid. Be very afraid. We, the citizens of this city are tired of the same old rhetoric. Using the power of the Internet, we will educate the masses, a job the news media should embrace but instead abandoned to be lapdogs for city government, take back what is rightfully ours, and expose your treachery for all to see. Once enough of this chicanery is well documented, it will be time to seek help from the Federal level. The F├╝hrer and his Neocons are leaving, a new day is dawning.

  5. Though not recently updated, lots of good info on the abuses of the current hack aka the Mayor.

  6. Here's some more...
    Target 32: Local Communities Question Failed Development

    "...In addition, the city of Louisville invested $250,000 to install sidewalks at one of the construction sites."

  7. I am so mad about the Otter creek closing I could spit nails. My family and I have been going there for generations and there is nowhere remotely like it close by. I guess I'll have to make the trek to Green River at Mammoth cave to even get half the enjoyment I get there.

  8. The Otter Creek closing surprised me. Like someone else said, one can't even get a camping spot there in October because of the crowds.

    I can only guess that since it isn't downtown and isn't stroking the mayors giant ego, it had to go.

    Again, the savings gained by closing the park could have been beaten by the elimination of TWO spokespersons.

  9. I would tell people who go to Otter Creek Park for hiking should head down to Jefferson County Memorial Forest and give it a try. It's one of Louisville's best kept secrets.

  10. It seems that the Mayor is heading down the wrong path. The services which he is cutting are the ones that the Public would need the most during tough economic times. The Police who enforce the Law and keep order in the streets, the Fire Department and Abulance serivces that provide a Safety net for the public, and the other wide variety of departments that assist the public in maintaining a clean and healthy Louisville should not be targeted. The non-essential programs which beautify the areas that such as light up Louisville should be cut. Services are an important function of our daily living. When money gets tight you don't go to the movies or go out to eat. You stay at home and watch your pennies. Mayor Jerry check your own House.
    A concerned Citizen.

  11. My question is, how much is it going to cost the city to have police patrol the area to keep people out? Come on, Jerry. You can do better than that.