Monday, March 30, 2009

Heiner Seeks Opinion On Cordish Giveaway

Louisville Metro Councilman Hal Heiner has asked the Jefferson County Attorney's Office for it's opinion on the legality of the mayor's "forgivable loan" to the Baltimore-based Cordish Co. The Courier-Journal has the story HERE.

The "forgivable loans" are defined in the article as being "noninterest bearing and don't have to be repaid as long as certain conditions are met." That means it was not a loan. It was a free giveaway to an out of town developer to build and manage another beer joint on Fourth Street that most citizens will never visit.

Imagine how much faster the disgraceful storm debris could be cleaned up with an extra $1.8 million. Sunday hours at our libraries could have been restored. Otter Creek Park could have been reopened. We, as a community, can think of better uses for that amount of cash.

Hopefully, the County Attorney will issue a favorable opinion and the Metro Council will begin to play an active role in how money is being spent by the mayor.

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  1. I have watch the ups and downs of "downtown Louisville" for nearly 50 yesrs. I have seen 4th street sidewalks overflowing and theaters packed to capacity. I saw the Derby Clock unveiled and the falls fountain "plugged in".

    Later 4th street dug up and later reopened. I've witnessed the contruction of two competing hotel/motel districts (fairgrounds and downtown. Downtown Louisville as yet to be defined.

    When I see that happening I could support such a loan. Until then, it is to say the least reckless behavior.