Sunday, March 29, 2009

Louisville Knocked Out Of Tournament

As a die-hard member of Big Blue Nation, it would be easy for me to sit back and enjoy the results of the Louisville vs. Michigan State basketball game this afternoon. But no. Not this time. I really thought the Cards had it in them this year, and I would have been fine with them winning the whole damn tournament. Besides, my hatred for Michigan State, those rubes from Oklahoma, the bums at Villanova and that bastard with the barn owl eyes from North Carolina far outweighed any contempt I had for the Louisville Cardinals.

Many dollars were lost by the hard-core gambling elite today, but thankfully I was not one of them. I don't even know what the point spread was. I am actually a bit disappointed in the loss. The Cards were beaten like rented mules in the second half, as I and countless others were left waiting for the team that blasted Arizona to show up.

It was a good run, as they say. I just wish it would have lasted a little longer.

Basketball is dead...Long live basketball.


  1. And why would have contempt for your hometown university? Something not quite right here.

  2. Like many others, I was raised a UK fan. It was built-in contempt...nothing personal. When I attended UofL in 1990 it was a challenge, since I was a UK fan. But I got over it. I will always be a true blue fan, but I don't have the hate in the heart for UofL sports like so many others.

    It's a healthy rivalry.

    Thanks for commenting.