Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dining in Southwest Louisville

There is an interesting article by Marty Rosen in the latest Velocity Magazine that caught my attention this morning. Rosen capably and accurately discusses the local restaurant scene and why he thinks Louisville is a great restaurant town. But we aren't talking the franchised joints like Taco Bell here, boys. This is about the locally based, locally owned places that we need more of, particularly in Southwest Louisville.

There is also a new development over at Consuming Louisville, a local food blog. Author Michelle Jones is looking to go on tour throughout the city, sampling each 'hood's local fare. This is a great idea. HERE is the article at Consuming Louisville. Urge her to stop by Southwest Louisville.

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  1. They need to work on getting Louisville some jobs so that we can support the local establishments and where we can earn enough discretionary income to support these fine local restaurants. That is why so many of them have closed in the past few months because people don't have the extra income to eat out or eat out as much. Maybe by getting rid of the current clown of a mayor and some new blood we can find a way to get things turned around.