Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hits & Misses

- Senator Jim Bunning, 77, turned to wax yesterday and, as expected, dropped out of his re-election race and effectively ended his term as U.S. Senator from Kentucky. Bunning was seen as an embarrassment to the Commonwealth the last several years because of his goofy actions and stupid comments. Bunning blamed his fellow Republicans for his inability to raise funds and for his ridiculous, doddering, old-man antics. The Courier-Journal has more HERE. Kentucky Republican Secretary of State Trey Greyson has announced he will definitely run for the seat.

- There has been much talk in private circles about contenders for Louisville's next Mayor. I have many names. Let me know who you like and why. This will be interesting.

- Movie Alert: If you haven't seen "The Hangover", you should at least try to check it out. It is the funniest movie I have seen in many years.

- Louisville Police Chief Robert White says he may skip town after Jerry Abramson leaves office. WHAS11 has the report HERE.


  1. Darryl Owens offered voters a clear alternative during the first Abramson run. Has not lost the edge. Bright, engaging and unafraid.

    Ray Whitener

  2. If Robert White would skip town now it would be much an improvement. He was a disaster for the local police force and ran everything into the ground. That sounds like our so called Mayor. A couple of incompetents and crooks each holding onto the other one.