Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Valley Post Office To Remain Open

The good news...the Valley Station post office will remain open.
The bad news...Councilman Doug Hawkins takes credit.

Watch him strain to pat himself on the back:

Valley Station Post Office
Will Remain Open
We Won!

The day after Councilman Doug Hawkins and Brenda Silveria hand delivered petitions with over 2000 signatures to the postmaster, the spokesman for the post office issued a press release announcing that the Valley Station Post Office will continue serving the Valley Station area by keeping the post office open. Hawkins and Silveria appreciate Postmaster Curtsinger accepting the petitions and listening to the community’s request on keeping the post office open at its currently location on Dixie Highway..
“The Valley Station Post Office is no longer on the chopping block,” says Hawkins. On July 31, the post office listed four branches that were going to be considered for “consolidation or closure.” Brenda Silveria led a grassroots effort collecting signatures to let the decision makers know how much the community needs a post office.
Councilman Hawkins wishes to thank everyone who visited the “Call for Action” page at and signed the on-line petition. Councilman Hawkins also thanks Postmaster Curtsinger for working with him and Ms. Silveria.
Please continue supporting the Valley Station Post Office by using the facility and the many services they offer.


  1. To be fair, he did do alot on this issue.

  2. He helped circulate someone else's petition. That's not "a lot".

    He has no influence in this matter whatsoever. Moreover, the damn post office isn't even in his district.

  3. That is true. I signed the on-line petition with reluctance becuase I knew Hawkins would "grandstand". Still this is welcome news.

  4. I think Mr. Hawkins is constantly looking for the spotlight. He even calls my house with his "see what I did" messages. He's not even my Councilman, Dan Johnson is!

  5. There are two Councilmen representing Valley Station; if Henderson would have done anything at all, he'd done no different than Hawkins.

  6. Apparently he had more influence than you can bear to give credit. No, the "damn" P.O. isn't in Mr. Hawkins' district...but at least he's on record for doing at least a little something for his district residents of Valley Station. I'm inclinedto agree with Anonymous and if the task were as simple as helping circulate someone else's petition, Bob Henderson would have been all over it patting himself on the back all the same...