Friday, August 21, 2009

You Creepy Bastards....

Thanks to the ever-watchful Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-25), we are delighted to bring you some information on what a bunch of perverts you guys are. Today in an email blast to his constituents, Hawkins pimps the results of some Google Trends data that says Louisville residents are the most likely in the country to search for "obscene material". Read more....

Louisville Ranked Most Obscene City in the Nation

Google Trends are a way of categorizing what people are searching for most often on the internet. As it turns out, Google has reported the top 10 cities most likely to search for obscene material. Unfortunately, Louisville is ranked number one. Of special concern is the material that deals with small children. Please use the websites below to help keep your children safe. While we just recently sent this information to constituenmts, in light of this new survey, it bears repeating. If you know of any other sites that could be beneficial, please contact my office to help spread the word!

The 10 American Cities Most Likely To Search For Obscene Material:

1. Louisville, KY
2. Rochester, NY
3. Philadelphia, PA
4. Newark, NJ
5. Los Angeles, CA
6. Irvine, CA
7. Pittsburgh, PA
8. Las Vegas, NV
9. Albany, NY
10. Orlando, FL

For more information on this story, check out the article below:
FOX41: Survey calls Louisville "most obscene" city in U.S.

Thanks Doug, for calling us out. Were are a filthy and disgusting lot. We are worse than those whores in Las Vegas and those seedy pimps in Albany.


  1. But not worse than politicians! T. Keith.

  2. Actually, I look at it this way. There are some real kooks and weirdos out there and especially on the internet. They might seem normal during the day but if you spend an hour or two at mojo you can find some real doozies. All you have to do is spend a couple hours putting up a profile you wouldn't believe the stuff you would read. Stuff that I guarantee if you ever said in public somewhere there would either be a beat down coming etc. They need to arrest the perverts who are involved in stuff with children. Its sickening. As far as the predators go, they need to just castrate them and that would solve a lot of stuff