Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hicks House Set to Burn

Remember the heavily-discussed, historically significant Southwest Louisville home of Dr. Hicks that was profiled and investigated by yours truly on these pages? Well, as I had long feared, the home is set to meet its fate as "practice" for the PRP Fire Department as a controlled burn. The structure, located across from the Target and Value City Furniture department store complex on Dixie Highway, was obviously too dilapidated to be of any value to anyone but history buffs. Another one bites the dust.

It is a shame, really. What say ye?


  1., 40272September 11, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    How sad! I just stumbled across your site today for the first time... I have wondered what that building was for many years, and now that I've finally found out, they're going to burn it! Thank you for the history, and the photos!

  2. No sarcasm intended, I would suggest that PRP look northeast to the crumbling structure formerly know as Colonial Gardens. A controlled burn would clear the way for some long needed economic redevelopment at this corner.

    Personally I liked the Hicks house and the story behind it. We need to keep in mind that many SW structures including houses have already passed the 50 yr requirement. So we'll need to begin considering a preservation strategy before someone does it for us.

    Ray Whitener

  3. I'm disappointed that the Hicks house will be destroyed; is there truly no way to repair the building and make it suitable for use?

    But to the poster suggesting Colonial Gardens as an acceptable substitute- please, no! The Gardens building is the last remaining structure on a very historically relevant site, it has an amazing history and to lose such a site would be a terrible mistake. There's great information available on the restoration website; the pdf at tells some great stories. I hate watching the Gardens fall to ruin, but I'd hate a shiny new drugstore or parking lot on the site even more.

  4. It is indeed sad how historical structures in PRP/Valley have simply gone away. Valley Christian church I believe had honor of having the oldest dwelling in the area before they completely dismantled it for a new sanctuary. Did it not date back prior to the Civil War? The old Bethany Methodist church I think was a few years younger; it's been moved across the floodwall now. I'm not sure how old the Aydelot House is but it's dilapidated and in the middle of hazmat. The old home that sat in the back of the New Bethel church property on Valley Station Rd dated to the 1880's and simply disappeared. At least part of the old Valley elementary still stands but it only dates back to around 1910's.

    Anyone remember the old train station and toll houses on Greenwood Rd and on Dixie Hwy...all gone. Wish I could buy the old Kennedy property at Stuart middle school...beautiful old home and nice piece of land!

  5. As the owner of one of the original "toll houses" - mine is in Portland - all I can say is, when all my neighbors are having flooding in their lower levels - I don't get a single drop. When we replaced the windows a few months ago, it was confirmed that the house is three solid courses of brick thick! They just don't build 'em like that any more.